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Something for everyone; but go out together!

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There is so much to do here…

Trips and activities in the Ardennes … Actually too much to list, but we try it anyway. We have tried to divide the activities and sights into a few sections. We have made it from day trip, nature and culture & history.

Choose a section below to see what is underneath, or view them all, of course you can.

For every age Out together!

Our campsite is very convenient for various (tourist) attractions and attractions in the area. On the next page we try to give you an overview of the highlights. These are of course endless, so for really juicy stories; please feel free to contact us.

We think very quickly about the very cozy Coo. Fits all our sections, but we will explain Coo here. There is more than just the Plopsa park of course, so you can enjoy the beautiful waterfalls. And of course, good food and drinks.

This proves again: there are plenty of fun outings and activities in the Ardennes …

Go out together

Above and below the ground The beauty of nature

Who says Ardennes says nature. And what we have an abundance in this beautiful environment. Enjoy the beautiful rock formations, lovely streams and beautiful caves.

What is so special about nature in the Ardennes is the unspoiltness. Not on walking paths laid out in succession, but wonderfully free in nature. Always keep an eye on the (sometimes very small) signposts!

Discover nature

Once upon a time… Culture and history

The culture lover will also find lots of fun activities in the surroundings of Stavelot. Historically, there are plenty of special places in our area. There are plenty of places where you can learn more about the (medieval) history of the beautiful surroundings. Not nice, but also very interesting are the museums about the wars.