Culture and history

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History and culture

Culture and history in the Ardennes? There is plenty of it! The culture lover will certainly find plenty of fun activities in the surroundings of Stavelot. Historically, there are plenty of special places in our area.

There are places where the nice past (castles, knights and ladies) is commemorated. But unfortunately also places where we dwell on the less pleasant past (such as the wars …).

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Ofcourse The abbaye of Stavelot

The most famous attraction (in terms of culture) of Stavelot is surely the Abbey of Stavelot, founded in 648 by Remaclus. Of the monastery complex that once was so impressive, there are currently only a few (still imposing) buildings left.

But, these houses now – together with the tourism office – three very nice museums: the historical museum of the Abbey of Stavelot-Malmedy, the museum of the Circuit Spa-Francorchamps and the Guillaume Apollinaire museum. All three definitely worth a visit!

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For the knights and princesses The Castle of Reinhardstein

Reinhardstein Castle – built in 1354 – is one of the oldest castles in Belgium. Then, in 1812, the then owner (the Count of Metternich) sold the castle to a sloper who made a ruin of medieval glory.

In 1966 Professor Jean Overloop discovered this decline and decided – together with many professionals and volunteers – to make his life’s work: rebuilding the beautiful Slot Reinhardstein.

The castle is now being maintained by paying visitors, music performances and other events.

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Protected world heritage Walloon mines

UNESCO has declared 4 Walloon mining sites as protected world heritage. That it is worth a visit, speaks for itself. At present there are 4 Walloon mines:

These are all four well-preserved coal mines, the silent witnesses of underground and above-ground reclamation. Moreover, a textbook example of industrial architecture.

Did you know that the last Walloon coal mine was closed in 1984?