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Nature in the Ardennes is unique! Who says Ardennes says nature. And what we have an abundance in this beautiful environment. Enjoy the beautiful rock formations, lovely streams and beautiful caves. Nature is pristine here and sometimes pretty raw … a wonderful experience. Below are some highlights, we keep saying: there is so much more …

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Tale as oldes time Discover the speleologist in yourself.

Near the campsite are some beautiful rock formations with associated caves that are both unique and diverse.

The caves of Hotton

Although the caves at Hotton are not as well known as the big brother in Han, they should not be inferior. Discover the caves on a beautiful trip of 6 kilometers and let yourself be amazed.

The caves of Remouchamps

These caves have been a tourist attraction since 1828; beautiful galleries and halls (even a hall of more than 40 meters high), but the most special part is the retreat by boat that the tour ends with.

Site caves Hotton Site caves Remouchamps

Do you dare? Eye to eye with the wolf

Did you know that in Bilstain you can stand face to face with different types of wolves? That is of course safe (but also a bit exciting). Do not forget to take pictures, otherwise no one will believe you!

The wolf center protects the wolf in will and captivity; they do this, among other things, by collecting “discarded” wolves in their beautiful domain. We give them a warm heart!

The site of the centre of wolves

Not day-filling, but special The oldest tree from Belgium

In addition to the church in the village of Liernu (Eghezée), the oldest tree in Belgium grows: Le Gros Chène (the big oak). This tree had a circumference of 9.95 meters in 2006. In the past, the farmers thought they could be cured by a touch of this tree. If it does not work, then it does not damage …