Ardennes Camping L’Eau Rouge – Thousand colors of green

The beautiful forests, the romantic river, the impressive cliffs, and the authentic villages are some of the features that make our camping in the Belgian Ardennes so very unique. The thousand colors represent the beautiful natural surroundings, where you will discover something new around every bend! The nature in the Ardennes is a true source of inspiration, that we cherish so much. Nature is very important to us, and that’s what you will notice in and around our camping in Stavelot.

Facilities & activities Ardennes Camping L'Eau Rouge, Stavelot Belgium

At Camping L’Eau Rouge there are sufficient facilities to make your holiday at the Belgium Ardennes a super holiday. For example, our camping is provided with a sanitary system that was renovated in 2012, a safe playground for children and a well-equipped shop with a cozy terrace.

For the active ones among us, there is much to do in and around our camping in Stavelot. For example, there are plenty of fantastic hiking and biking routes. The Belgian Ardennes is also suitable for activities such as trout fishing and archery. The surroundings of our camping in Stavelot with scenery such as the Cage of Hotton, the Waal mines, Reinhardstein, the amusement park Plopsacoo, and let’s not forget: the F1 Spa Francorchamps race track that is just steps away from Camping L‘Eau Rouge in Stavelot.