Ardennes Camping L’Eau Rouge

Ardennes Camping L’Eau Rouge: enjoy the peace and charm of the Ardennes

Camping l'Eau Rouge is a 3-star camping in the beautiful Belgium Ardennes. The camping is set in the middle of beautiful nature where you can enjoy the peace and quietness. A small river called l’Eau Rouge flows along out camping. You can enjoy a swim at the river, but also at our swimming pool. You can have a lot of fun in the water when you go fishing!

Camping Eau Rouge is known for its charm, this is proven by al the guests who return every year. There are not a lot of big activities at Eau Rouge, but during summer there will be an animation team who organizes fun activities for our guests. Our camping is also loved by archers, because of the possibility to archery at the field around the camping. The camping is set nearby the Formula 1 circuit of Francorchamaps

Rent a chalet in the Ardennes

You might like to rent your own chalet at Camping Eau Rouge. We offer several chalets to rent. These chalets are really comfortable which is especially pleasant in the spring and late season. The chalets have a charming and cosy design and are available for 4 or 6 guests. More information about the rental chalets.

The Ardennes

The Ardennes are known for all the possibilities you have in sports and adventures. You can go from camping l’Eau Rouge to do activities as hiking, cycling, canoeing or survivals. You can also go to some authentic villages as Malmédy, Stavelot and Spa. The village Spa is famous for its drinking water which you find everywhere in the village. Therefore, it is definitely a must visit! There are a lot of activities for children as Plopsa Coo. You do not have to be bored during your stay at l’Eau Rouge!

For a fantastic holiday in the Ardennes, you go to Camping l’Eau Rouge!

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