Bicycling over Ravels in Belgium

Just exploring the Ardennes on a bicycle is already quite an experience. Also for those who don’t like steep slopes, there are many other possibilities. For the less climbing types, the Ravel network in Belgium offers the solution.  The Ravels form a network in Belgium, and they consist mainly of new bicycle paths that have been placed on former railway tracks. Upon that, the Ravels are reserved for non-motorized traffic such as horses, hikers, skaters and bikers.  These Ravels are very popular in Belgium among the seniors and elderly with children. With a maximum slope of 3%, everyone can enjoy the beautiful scenery in Ardennes on a bicycle.

Ravels routes Belgium

Presently there are 5 Ravel routes that connect major cities in Belgium to each other:

  • Ravel 1, 330 km: runs from west to east through Wallonië, from Houplines to Lanaye.
  • Ravel 2, 100 km: runs north-south from Hoegaarden to Mariëmbourg.
  • Ravel 3, 90 km: runs north-south from Lembeek to Erquelinnes.
  • Ravel 4, 45 km: runs north-south from Overboelare to Saint-Aybert.
  • Ravel 5: up till now there are two short routes realized: from Luik to Comblain-La-Tour and from Fléron to Hombourg.

More information about these Ravels in Belgium is found in this brochure.

Ravels nearby Camping L'Eau Rouge - Stavelot Belgium

Camping L’Eau Rouge offers extremely suitable basis to explore the Ardennes in Belgium just by biking. There are two Ravels next to our camping:

  • Ravel L45 the back lane of the ancient principality
  • Ravel L44a Spa à Stavelot

He who follows the Ravel of the ancient principality, right away discovers the valleys of the Warche and the Amblève in a new and safe way. It is also possible to take a break in the villages on the way, to visit them, to buy something, and to have something to eat. An excellent choice, situated beautifully between forests and fields.