Archery at Camping L’Eau Rouge

It is certainly with pride that we look at the results of the championship of 3-D archery, where we see faces that began here a long time ago. Use your stay at Eau rouge to discover if you have talent for this wonderful sport. In the high season, there are lessons given twice a day for children and adults. Are you going to become the new Wilhelm Tell? 

Would you like to share your archery knowledge with our guests?

They are received with open arms: people who are willing to share their sport with our guests. So, why not you? If you observe that you have triggered something in a (young) adult; discovered a talent, the thanks that you will receive, and if it really becomes a meaningful contribution in this sport, then you were at the base of it. This is a thankful work, and it ensures that your days as an instructor at Camping Eau rouge just fly by. So sign up!

Contests and forest trails: extremely suitable for advanced shooters

For the advanced shooters, there are contests organized, and forest trails can be enjoyed wholeheartedly. In case of enough spirit, there are 3 targets taken from the stock, and set out in the forest. Outside the lessons, there is the archery path that is open for everyone. A membership of the archery club is sufficient to be able to do shooting outside the camping.

Are we welcome at camping Eau rouge without archery club?

You are certainly not the first to ask; we receive archery club members regularly from Benelux, who experience their skills at our outdoor tracks, in combination with a luxury rental caravan, a barbecue, breakfast and meals, and with the contests, the days just fly past. There are many possibilities negotiable, so contact Franka quickly.

What else does Camping Eau rouge offer to the archery shooters?

The camping season is opened in the Easter weekend with “Boucle du Eau rouge”. This event has reserved its place in the archery agenda. The organization has many lands in the surroundings. Slopes, riverbanks, meadows, swamps, forests, open land, the surrounding is beautiful, and it offers every possibility to place the 3D target at a very challenging position; a must for the archery lover.